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Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail

at Port Orford CommUnity Co-Op

POCC invites you to participate in the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail, a travel adventure filled with scenic landscapes and great food!

What is Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail? The trail is 135 miles of Oregon’s South Coast along historic Highway 101 - from Reedsport to the California border. We've been members of the trail since its inception in 2015.


Why is it special? The WRCFT Passport program enhances your travels, whether you're planning a vacation, weekend, or day trip - or already on the road. It's a curated collection of nearly 40 coastal businesses that focus on local food and products. You can enjoy seafood eateries, microbrew pubs, berry farms, artisanal markets and more as you explore the rugged, eye-popping coastline.

Photo of the Oregon coastline south of Port Orford, showing a sandy beach with seastack rocks in a calm Pacific and Humbug Mountain in the background.

Is there more? Yes! As you stop at each participating business, you collect points toward prizes like bamboo utensil sets, pint glasses, and more!

How does it work? All you have to do is sign up. Then use the free mobile-friendly passport, easily delivered to your mobile phone via text and email. (It's not an app. You use your phone's web browser.) More information, along with the sign-up link, is available at

So, head to the coast! Or, if you're already here, explore some new special places. Don't miss the wayside just south of Port Orford (pictured above). Check the WRCFT website for u-pick berry opportunities and other seasonal options. And be sure to visit us on your travels for healthy, fresh, local food and products! See you here!

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